We are pleased to be a participant in a new project supporting migrants and NEET individuals with vocational transition training into core work areas. The project will provide key words and phrases for individuals to learn and move more swiftly into work in their new country.

Support for Tourism in difficult times

LENT aims to map the key language needs of 4 niche
sectors as a basis for a web and mobile based
language application for the use of early stage language
learning. The 4 niches are:
1) Historical tourism
2) Outdoor tourism
3) Event tourism
4) Culinary tourism

Now with FREE web app – if you type in the LENT web address https://translate.lent-train.eu/ in the internet  search box  and  you will be able to download it.


The project will provide innovative tools to find alternative funding for social enterprises across Europe, helping them to manage the outfall of the current economic threats on the one hand, but as well will help them to generate outreach and community building towards their target audiences the chance to grow and benefit of incoming guests from outside the EU.

Erasmus + 2016

We are currently working on several Erasmus + bids and are seeking project partners. Contact us NOW for inclusion in the next round if you are interested in either

  1. Crowdfunding and supporting better quality applications for funding
  2. Initial contact support for refugees and asylum seekers