LENT – Languages for European Niche Tourism

The 1000 words and phrases will be developed on the following basis. 400 words will be everyday or core words, the basic building blocks for speaking a language. (We will include a good proportion of everyday words and phrases that a tourist is likely to want to use or understand). 600 specialist words and phrases will be developed, spread across the 4 niche tourism areas described above.

The vision of the project is to increase the use of foreign language in the tourism sector, giving even small businesses the chance to grow and benefit of incoming guests from outside the EU.

Erasmus + 2016

We are currently working on several Erasmus + bids and are seeking project partners. Contact us NOW for inclusion in the next round if you are interested in either

  1. Crowdfunding and supporting better quality applications for funding
  2. Initial contact support for refugees and asylum seekers