RLN (UK) Ltd has two core aims;

  • to develop and implement¬†business support and learning projects including language and cultural activities. Since April 2011 this activity has been extended to cover multi-regional activity as well as delivering projects both in the UK and internationally.
  • to build on our expertise as evaluators in helping funding bodies to systematically find and describe the achievement and impact of projects. We have specialist experience in both European funded projects, sector based business funding and skills and education projects.

Our key target groups are the business community (in particular SMEs), intermediary bodies involved in business support & government bodies, and we also provide support to the mainstream education sector through links with business.

Our past and current projects cover a wide range of activity including the following:

  • Language and cultural projects for the Bio/hi-tech industry
  • Crowdfunding projects looking at barriers to entry
  • Business support training for over 2000 East of England companies
  • Language & Culture for International Trade: projects supporting over 600 businesses in improving their competitiveness vis-√†-vis overseas markets
  • Language & Culture for Sector-Specific Support: projects supporting the identified needs of specific sectors, including advanced manufacturing, life sciences, food & drink, ICT and creative & media
  • Language & Culture for Public Security projects supporting the prison service
  • Language & Culture for a Multilingual Workforce: projects supporting employers of a multilingual and multicultural workforce
  • Education into Employment: supporting employers who work with schools on promoting the use & benefits of language & culture skills to the world of employment
  • Language Policy & Best Practice: projects which support the identification and transfer of best practice from around the world
  • European fund bid writing

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