Helping You Develop Business in France

Growing high-tech & innovative businesses…

This project helps you develop & manage relationships with potential business partners, customers & suppliers in northern France.

The main aims of the project are to :

  1. To support the growth of bilateral France-England trade amongst high-tech and innovative R&D companies
  2. To develop & utilise an online portal of potential English-French business partners
  3. To help strengthen business partnerships between French & English science parks, business centres and technopoles

The project helps to undertake this through supporting your business undertake the practical steps to build relationships with French partners.


Activity 1 : Business Development: CHAIN Database

  • An online resource to source potential business partners, customers & suppliers
  • Search criteria include a detailed breakdown by sector to facilitate searching
  • Companies need to be technological/innovative based businesses with an international profile

Activity 2: Soft Landing

  • Preliminary visits
  • Setting up a local company
  • Up to 3 months’ free office space
  • Support from local project contact

Activity 3: Language & Culture Training (from June 2012)

  • Intensive language training in France
  • Regular language training in the UK
  • Culture workshops and masterclasses in the UK
  • 50% of language training funded by the project

Please note funding for language training is no longer available in this project.